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10 questions to help you live your purpose right where you are

Is it possible to live your purpose, despite limitations or life's craziness? I think that it is! Use these 10 questions to help you be who you already are.

I’m home. My boys (the little guy and husband) are off on a camping trip, and I’m sitting here at home instead. In perfect 5-year-old form, my little guy was so excited this morning he could hardly stand it. He came downstairs to a living room full of almost-ready-to-go piles - an empty cooler waiting to be loaded, duffel bags packed and zipped up, and of course the sunscreen (we all burn in record time around here).

His little body could hardly contain all his excitement. It was a bittersweet moment. I was full of happiness and sadness. Not sure which one overpowered the other. I just felt both. Glad they could go have fun. Glad they’d be mostly carefree without the girls (the baby and me… and wheelchair) to take care of. Glad they were following through on our family goal of making camping happen. But sad to be missing out on the fun. Sad that my health had gone downhill in just a few month’s time when we’d planned this family trip. Sad that I’d feel sick and yucky and that we’d all have a big price to pay if I went anyway.

That’s life though, isn’t it… for all of us. In between all the happy, near-perfection, purpose-filled moments there are the messy, ordinary, and ready-to-pull-out-your-hair ones. Despite the tender moments with our kids or when we feel completely content and put together, there are still dirty floors to vacuum, too many bills to pay, crippling (or not) health struggles, or grumpy kids.

We can declutter our closets, minimize our to do lists, and eliminate distractions, yet there are so many aspects of life that we have no control over. Days inevitably get filled to the brim with glad’s and sad’s. Hope and happiness, hustle and heartbreak. And plenty of days that are just “blah.”

Is it even possible to live life to the fullest right now, right where you are? Yep, I totally, completely, wholeheartedly think that it is. If you’re ready for meaningful living (overhauling your life not required!), here are 10 questions to take to heart.

Grab a notebook, a laptop or whatever’s handy (I won’t judge) and let’s dig deep. It’s time to live with purpose in the life you already have. It’s time to be who you already are. Today is full of possibility... whether you’re camping or at home :) It’s time to live with purpose in the life you already have. It’s time to be who you already are. Click to read the full article and 10 writing prompts to get you started.

  1. Who makes my life happy and why?
Start today: The next time you’re together, set aside the distractions. Give them and your time together all your attention.
  1. What’s on my to-do list that doesn’t need to be?
Start today: Let go of an unfinished something that’s not important anymore.
  1. What qualities and talents come effortlessly to me? What do people compliment me about or say they admire about me?
Start today: Identify a goal or project that utilizes your strengths.
  1. What struggle have I most recently faced? What's a life lesson or insight I've gained from it?
Start today: Identify a positive change or insight you're gaining from a current struggle.
  1. How did someone change my day for the better?
Start today: Acknowledge and thank someone for their kindness. Use these 10 journal prompts to start being who you already are. Plus read the full article for a "next step" for each question.
  1. How can I change someone else’s day for the better?
Start today: Make the effort to give. (Love, a smile, a hot meal, your story, kindness, service, a text, encouragement, a compliment, a hug, phone call...)
  1. What feels heavy and is weighing me down right now?
Start today: Take one small step toward making a change or finding a reason to be grateful for it.
  1. What accomplishment am I most proud of right now? A garden or house project, a friendship, a new perspective, a yummy meal or dessert…
Start today: Create for the joy and fulfillment of creating! No comparison, no perfectionism. Just you being you.
  1. What do I think about most on a daily basis?
Start today: List 3 thoughts you want to have instead and leave yourself loving reminders - notes on the fridge, your phone, or mirror.
  1. If there was one message I’d want my life to stand for, what would it be?
Start today: Do something today that embodies that message. Journal pages printable plus mini challenges and pep talks for intentional living right where you are. PS: For more thoughts on purposeful living right where you are (printable journal pages too), you can sign up below for a copy of my guidebook, This Moment Matters: 10 Days for Savoring the Simple Things.

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