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5-step self esteem builder-upper

You deserve to feel beautiful! Try this simple, yet surprising self esteem builder upper. Plus enjoy an uncluttered closet too :)

I tossed another shirt into the growing pile on my bed. Ugh. Another bad wardrobe day. And unfortunately my bad wardrobe days mean a day of feeling horrible about myself. So sad :( If this at all sounds familiar, this post is for you. Last month, after seriously clearing out my closet, I unintentionally stumbled upon the cure for bad wardrobe days - and an instant boost to your self esteem. Wahoo! I’m certainly not new to clearing clutter. I get the itch every couple months or so to de-junk and organize (my patient husband deals with it until I’ve had my fix :)

But this time when I got to the closet, I decided it was time to get serious. I was finally ready to let go of everything that I didn’t feel beautiful in. Because seriously, why am I keeping something I don’t feel my best in? Well, I don’t think of myself as being a big shopper but by the time I was finished, I somehow managed to fill over 2 garbage bags of clothes. (Perhaps if I was a better shopper, I would have been left with a lot more things that made me feel beautiful!)

Needless to say, it was surprising what little was left. But what I’ve since found to be even more surprising is that it’s been enough. Despite everything I got rid of, I didn’t have to go on a shopping trip to replenish. And each morning I get dressed in things I feel beautiful in.

So, if you’re feeling up for the task, here’s the 5 step cure for bad wardrobe days and instant self esteem builder-upper.

Step 1) Pull everything out of your closet and drawers that you don’t feel beautiful in (that includes anything that doesn’t fit!)

Step 2) Get rid of them - give that big pile of clothes to someone who can use and appreciate them, donate them, whatever. Or to ease your worries, store them in the garage or basement for a week or two to assure yourself that they really won’t be missed. (Although I don't recommend it; mine our still sitting out there.)

Step 3) Get creative and start putting together outfits with what’s left. You’d be amazed at how few items of clothes you really need. Don’t think it’s possible? Get some inspiration here.

Step 4) If and when you do go out shopping next, only put your money towards something you love and feel great about yourself in. That’s tough if you’re a bargain shopper like me, but the goal here is quality, not quantity. Trust me, your self esteem will thank you for it!

Step 5) Walk around feeling beautiful. Because you are! Happy bonus: More breathing room in your closet and dresser. You’re welcome :)

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