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A four-word lesson on love

Love is so much more than the words we say

As a mom who's world seems to revolve around my growing boy, I'd like to think I play a part in teaching him and guiding him. After all, the little person I'm watching take shape right in front of my eyes surely reflects the lessons and principles I'm trying so hard to instill in him. Right?

And then... I have melt-your-heart moments like this one that remind me he's just as much a teacher in this relationship as I am. It was morning - our time to be together and play before the two of us got to work on the other things waiting to be done. We sat together on the floor doing a puzzle (dinosaurs, what else?!). I felt so happy, so content, and so full of love for my little guy. Without saying a word and almost without even thinking about it, I leaned over and gave him a hug. Then, almost as instinctively as the hug, he said, “Love you too, Mom.”

His response surprised me at first, then was replaced by amazement and gratitude. With those four little words, he reminded me, in the sweetest, most powerful way, that love is so much more than the words we say.

And perhaps our actions (even the tiny ones) are even more influential and noticed than we'd hoped. With today being a day devoted to celebrating and recognizing the women in our lives, I can’t help but think about my mom and all the ways she’s loved me through my life. Because they are certainly far from being unnoticed.

Just to name a few…

-made-from-scratch mint chocolate brownies
-drives to Grandma’s house, singing at the top of our lungs
-teachings moments that helped me be a better person and strengthen my love of God
-handmade dresses
-time sitting on the couch together before I left for school each morning
-last minute beds on the floor because I was just too scared to sleep in a different room
-perfect ringlets for my first of many Nutcracker performances
-midnight homework assignment and project help (seriously, how could I have possibly deserved so much patience?!)
-a home filled with love, prayer and discussions about the most important things of life -late night talks and bedtime snacks
-shared tears, heart-felt laughs, and hugs that filled me up with comfort and safety
-a 4-day hospital stay that I was never left alone, day or night
-a magical, too-good-to-be-true wedding reception, despite the tight budget
-weeks off of work to help care for the brand new baby I was too sick to care for myself
-patience while I talk your ear off (whether it's a convenient time or not!)
-unwavering encouragement, support, and faith in me always

In response to these and tons and tons and TONS of other acts of love, I echo my sweet boy’s insightful and sincere words… Love you too, Mom. More than I could ever say.

Love is so much more than the words we say | from Anne at Rollover the image and spread some love into the world.

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