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What I learned from a rush-free week

What would a week free from rushing look like for you? Here's mine.

What would a week free from rushing look like for you? My rush-free week looked like this: And might I add, it was the best week of my life! My 3-year-old thought so too :)
  • walking around the parking lot until we found a car cart to “drive” through the grocery store
  • sitting outside (him playing, me writing) before naptime because it was unexpectedly good weather
  • sitting with my little guy while he ate his breakfast. With my full attention on him, he had SO much to tell me :)
  • holding hands and walking (ever so so slowly) while he balanced on curb the whole way into the store
  • never needing to say, “Hurry, we have to go!” or “Come on!”
  • more time than needed doing my hair - just because I felt like being extra cute that day!
  • a nice long tickle session in between jammies and clothes
  • letting an overwhelmed mom go before me at the checkout
  • a whole morning sitting together and watching home videos
  • an entire day of crazy productivity, since we had no where else to go - yard work / sandbox, downstairs organizing, finally tried out those new recipes, and even got some cleaning done
  • reading in bed while my little guy napped
  • smiles and laughs while little hands helped me do the dishes (yep, it took forever, but it ended up being so fun for both of us)

… so many precious, wonderful moments that are usually missed in the rush. If your life feels crazy, busy and fast, my sincere hope for you is a day off from rushing. Cut down on commitments. Prioritize. Give yourself all morning to get the grocery shopping done. Get everything - I mean everything - ready for the next day the night before. Empty an entire afternoon and see where it takes you. Relax. Or don’t. Do what you gotta do, but leave the rushing out of it.

And best of all, just soak up the moments as they come. Will it take some arranging? Probably.

Think your life might be a tiny bit happier with a little less rushing? You tell me.

Writing a thoughtful note to a friend only takes an extra four minutes and holding the door open for a stranger only takes an extra six seconds. When you're not rushing from one thing to the next, the meaningful moments around us are endless. Who knew?

What would a week free from rushing look like for you? Here's mine. | from Anne at Rollover the image and spread some encouragement into the world.

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