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Miracles happen. They really, really do.

Do you believe miracles happen? My baby girl is proof they do. At only two weeks old, her life has been one miracle after another. Here's her story.

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? While someone may hope to be privileged to witness one, maybe two, in their lifetime, I just don’t think that’s the case. I’m convinced they happen all around us, more often than we realize. Sometimes subtle. Sometimes undeniable. In fact, I’ve filled up journals with little miracles I’ve experienced in my life. They serve as a sweet reminder to me that God is aware of us and loves us enough to be present in our lives.

And while most of the miracles (or tender mercies - as I like to call them) are only seen if you’re really looking for them and can be easy to miss, other times you’re given the opportunity to witness the undeniable kind… like our little Naomi. Even though she’s less than two weeks old, her life has been made up of one miracle after another along the way. What an incredible experience it’s been to take part in this little life so full of miracles!

Five years ago… Matt and I were thrilled to finally feel it was the right time to start our family. We had been married almost five years and were excited for this next chapter of our lives. We soon became a family of three. Our baby boy was perfect, but complications after his birth left my mind fragile and my body weak and sick. What we’d anticipated as being happy and exciting turned out to be the most challenging, scariest times we’d ever experienced together. And with it came the acceptance that the opportunity to grow our family was behind us.

Little did we know that four years later I’d have an experience that would open my eyes and heart to having another baby. There was no way I could possibly deny that it was what I was meant to do. Matt would have a similar experience, and with faith (and as much courage as I possessed!) we stepped forward on the path we knew the Lord wanted us to take - have another baby. It was a miracle.

June 2015: After months of trying, I sadly had to go back on birth control pills due to ovarian cysts. I would only have to be on them for three months, my doctor said. Just long enough to get these other issues under control. So we mentally prepared ourselves for another three, probably closer to six months of waiting to get pregnant. I couldn’t believe it when a month later, my pregnancy test was positive. To say we were completely surprised would be an understatement! My midwife was just as amazed as we were to hear the news. It was a miracle.

August 2015: An undiscovered heterotopic pregnancy became life-threatening. After two previous visits, we were finally in the ER at the right time with the right doctors. The emergency surgery went well but the doctors warned us of the possibility of miscarriage. I’ll never forget the doctor walking into my hospital room, three days after surgery, and in amazement saying, “Well, I guess you’re going to stay pregnant.” I was still far from recovery, but I was alive. And I was still pregnant. It was a miracle.

December 2015: Worries of pre-term labor had me sent to Labor and Delivery (more than once) and eventually home-bound on bedrest. It was going to be a long couple of months, filled with worry. Christmas activities missed, the move into our new home postponed, and anything but the absolutely necessary was put aside. But the important thing was our baby girl was growing with each passing week. And with each week, we were that much closer to full term. It was a miracle.

March 2016: My tummy hadn’t grown since the previous appointment; an ultrasound revealed I had a grade 3 placenta, which meant our baby was at risk of not getting the nutrients she needed. I’d have to deliver her in the next week and a half. Another complication - and we suddenly went from one extreme (keep her inside) to the other (she can’t stay in much longer). Why I was surprised by something so unexpected at this point, I have no idea! This pregnancy had been nowhere near normal. Incredibly enough though, that 37 weeks that looked so far away when I first was put on bedrest… well, we made it.

So many prayers, ultrasounds (11 total!), tests, and precautions and here I was at the end goal: Just make it to 37 weeks. We’d always held onto hope that she’d have this long to grow and develop before she was born, but in the back of our minds we’d also known it was a long reach. I’d been slowly dilating since December! But here we were. It was a miracle.

38 weeks to the day: Our long awaited baby girl was born at a small, but healthy 6 lbs, 2 oz - even bigger than we’d expected based on the most recent ultrasound! The nurses told us that of the six other babies born that day, she was the strongest and healthiest. Despite all the anesthesia and medications that were required during and after surgery SO early into the pregnancy (and everything else leading up to this point!) our sweet girl couldn’t have been more perfect. Even being able to bring her home with us was more than we could ever have hoped for. It was a miracle.

She’s almost two weeks old now. And to be honest, after surviving such a difficult recovery after my first pregnancy, being healthy and able to enjoy this time with her and our little family seems nothing short of a miracle in and of itself. I hold her and rock her, sing to her and dress her. Even being well enough to change her diaper brings me SO much happiness. What a blessing! What a miracle!

Some refer to babies as bundles of joy, but I look at our tiny baby girl and can’t help but see a bundle of miracles.

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