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Lacking motivation? Here's what to do to get your heart back in the game

10 ways to motivate yourself when your heart's just not in it... but you want to live a brave, beautiful life anyway. #personalmotivation #lackingmotivation #simplicityavenue

A life with more regret-free moments than regrets. A life you can't wait to wake you up to and one you smile at when you go to bed at night. A life so intentional and rich, you’re at peace.

You want it... but your heart’s just not in it.

And let’s face it. Living life to the fullest takes a lot of heart.

Whatever’s weighing you down - the long winter, a to-do list taller than you, or a life storm that you fear is far from over - a life full of meaning and purpose doesn’t have to wait. Bright and cheery is helpful, but not required.

So here’s 10 tiny actions to do next (and links to 10 from-the-heart articles) if your heart’s just not in it, but you want to live a brave, beautiful life anyway.

1. Let your heart be heard

The path to happiness and purpose - more often than not - is found in the truths already within us. Open your heart and discover what’s already there.

2. Seek clarity

There’s power (and purpose) in the questioning.

3. Fill up your bucket

It’s hard, after all, to live life to the fullest when we’re parched and empty. And the path to fullness is simpler than it seems.

4. Be here now

The here and now is worth experiencing. Miss the moment or watch it unfold?

5. Reignite your life with a project

Doing something from your heart and soul unlocks happiness you never knew was missing. (No matter the size of your creations.)

6. Reflect and refocus

Cherish your course, learn from the past, and move forward with confidence… in 3 simple lists.

7. Make space for gratitude

When you can’t be grateful for everything, be grateful for something. No gratitude journal required.

8. Delight in a new day

Why not let each day feel like the gift it truly is? Instead of worrying about what’s ahead, why not be renewed by a beautiful beginning?

9. Embrace your amazingness

Less perfectionism, more self compassion. Less guilt, more grace. I believe in you. It’s time you believed in yourself.

10. Spread some sunshine

And when all else fails, bring some sunshine into your life by brightening someone else's.


Now get your heart back in the game, friend. Sunshine’s right around the corner.

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