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Wake up with joy! Cozy mornings, fresh starts, and noticing the good things.

Instead of rushing through your routine - half focused on the day ahead, half focused on the to-do list waiting for you, why not savor what each and every single day offers… a fresh start. Why not be renewed by a beautiful beginning?

Whether you’re hustling out of bed ready to conquer the day or so overwhelmed you’d rather just stay under covers (all week long!), today is a new day. Instead of rushing through your routine - half focused on the day ahead, half focused on the to-do list waiting for you, why not savor what each and every single day offers… a fresh start. Instead of worrying about what's ahead, why not be renewed by a beautiful beginning?

Words straight out of my shiny new guidebook, This Moment Matters: 10 days of savoring the simple things. (You can grab your free copy here! Or by signing up at the bottom of this article.) Like all my writing projects, I call it a “heart and soul” project. Not just because that’s what it was created with, but because each word on the page ends up looking back at me, showing me what my heart and soul already know and need, even if I didn’t realize it before.

So after putting on the final touches and giving it its very own page on my little corner of the internet, I printed out my own copy of the journal pages and started at the beginning.

Day 1: A moment of renewal Journal prompt: What was your favorite part of this morning? Why? Mini challenge: Identify 1 thing in your morning that energizes you. For the next 9 days of this project take a moment to notice and savor it. (Can’t find anything? Pick something new to add to your morning routine. It could be as simple as a glass of orange juice or fresh air through open windows.) Here’s what I’m loving and trying to savor about my mornings right now:

Cold weather + a comfy warm bed and blankets
I’m convinced there’s nothing better than sitting inside, comfy and cozy while it’s cold and rainy outside. And when summer turns to fall, I get to enjoy that kind of coziness every single morning in the covers.

Breakfast together with my family
At this time last year, I was living at the hospital, dependent on nurses for almost everything. Each morning they’d take me to the bathroom and back, then stick a straw in my milk carton, butter my bagel and leave me to the company of my familiar episodes of Star Trek on my Chromebook until it was time for my first physical therapy session. Waking up with my husband next to me, my kids just down the hall and being able to sit at the table together with our bowlfuls of cereal still feels too good to be true sometimes.

Morning grateful's
This is a new tradition my little guy and I have started before he heads out the door to kindergarten (I still can’t believe how big he is!). I love sending him off having taken the time to set aside everything else and share with each other the things that make us happy. I’d like to think he walks away from our home knowing that, despite the struggles and scary things out there, the world is full of happy, wonderful things too.

I wrote an entire post on this new precious practice, plus outlined some tips and 35 prompts to help you start your own gratitude journal with your little one. You can read more about this new 5-minute morning tradition here. Decide today will be amazing. Click to read the full article for more ways to start loving your mornings. With this kind of perspective, mornings seem brighter, life feels happier, and each day feels like the gift it truly is. And staying cuddled in the covers seems extra important! :) If loving your mornings feels out of reach, here are few more ideas that might help get the joy flowing! Stretch your body. Greet your family with a smile. Read or listen to something uplifting and inspiring. Wake up to a clean space. Drink a big glass of water. Keep the TV turned off and your phone untouched. Wait to look over your to-do list. Eat a yummy breakfast. Journal and reflect. Open the windows or go for a walk. Breathe deep. Decide today will be amazing. Simple ways to bring joy to your morning routine. Today's a new day. Make it amazing! And if a little more savoring sounds good to you, be sure to join me in this 10-day project. It’s 100% free and I’d love to have you! Just sign up with the form below and I’ll send your guidebook right over. Savor the simple things: Day 1. A journal prompt and mini-challenge to help you wake up with joy.

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