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What's holding you back from your next level of happy?

What's holding you back from your next level of happy? Now's the time to let it go; you can do it!

In September last year we put our dream home up for sale. Yep, we really did. After my recent medical ordeal, the bills were piling up way faster than we could keep up with, and the night we realized our monthly payments to pay it all off was almost as much as our house payment (yikes!) we sat down to discuss options.

Long story short, what seemed to be the craziest of the options turned out to be exactly what we were meant to do: sell our house. Our dream house that seemed perfect for us in every way. Our dream house that we’d waited years to be able to afford. We called it our “forever house” because our goal had been to wait to buy a house until we could get into one that we would stay in forever.

This wasn’t the first time we’d experienced a medical crisis and certainly wasn’t the first time it had put us in a tight financial position, but it was the first time I felt like we had a choice that didn’t involve Matt taking on more hours of work and time away from home. Now we had a house. A house that miraculously had substantial equity after only owning it for two years! And to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t hard to say, “I choose my husband over a house!” But at the end of the day, our decision wasn’t based on logic - although initially arriving at that option was. Our decision was based on prayer and what we felt was the Lord’s will for us.

It was a choice involving our hearts. It was a choice based on faith.

Some admired us for our willingness to see the big picture. Others thought we were completely crazy. And some probably thought a little of both! And ironically enough, the easiest part of the entire selling and buying process was making that initial decision - because holy cow! it was a tough, roller coaster ride of emotions, things going wrong, and test of patience to follow through with our decision.

But now, 5 months later, we’re finally moved into our perfect, little townhome, and we couldn’t have possibly imagined the happiness that would come from making such a big (and quite honestly, hard) change in our lives. I’m happy! Matt’s happy!

…happy to let go of medical debt
…happy to finally (after 9 years of marriage) have the security of money in our savings account
…happy to be living more, even if it means owning less
…happy (can’t even tell you how happy!) to have my husband home and not working a second job
…happy to accept that what’s right for us doesn’t have to be what society tells us
...and so incredibly happy to have done what our hearts were telling us to do

It’s like we’ve reached a whole new level of happy! Who knew it would take letting go of our house to get there. I’m amazed at how often our sacrifices transform into the best things that ever happened to us.

I sometimes feel like it takes so much strength to give something up, only to realize that even more strength would have been required to hold onto it.

And so my question to you: What’s holding you back from your next level of happy? Is it a bad habit, like complaining, belittling (yourself included!), judging? An over-stuffed schedule? An unnecessary financial burden (trust me, there’s no rule that says you have to have a huge house or a brand new car to be happy!)? Unhealthy food? Those untidy piles of stuff (of who know’s what… they’ve been there, untouched for months!) throughout your house or filling your basement? Or is there something you've felt, deep down in your heart, that you need to change but just been too scared or distracted to do it?

Moment of truth: Are you willing to make a sacrifice and give it up? Or are you holding onto it for dear life? (Seriously, why do we do this to ourselves?!) Now’s the time to let it go; you can do it! Your next level of happy is waiting!

What's holding you back from your next level of happy? Now's the time to let it go; you can do it! | by Anne at Rollover the image and spread some encouragement into the world

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